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The Wine Barrel Ice Chest is the classic party accessory you secretly wanted for years but never knew it existed in real life until now. For the guy or gal who hosts a party every week, you know you need a solid ice bucket or ice chest to keep these beers and other drinks cold.

The Wine Barrel Chest is made from retired French Oak wood and can hold up to 60 gallons of ice or water. Ice chests are becoming a popular item at house parties and long gone are the days where you just stuff your bath tub with ice. The best thing about this chest is the realism of it. It actually looks just like a real wine chest you will see for ageing wine

This item reminds us of a cool little thing in the ice category we wrote about a while ago. The death star ice mold is a cute little thing that can go a long way at parties, it’s like little ice cubes in the shape of the death star from Star Wars. So this item could be a great complimentary product to the big chest.

Check out the pictures below of the Wine Barrel Ice Chest and tell us you don’t want one

wine barrel ice chest - closed frontal

Here is a look of the open barrel without any ice inside

barrel ice chest - upper view opened

Closeup of the lid when it’s closed

upper view closed look of the ice chest

Open with ice inside and some nice wine bottles cooling off

wine resting inside the ice chest barrel

side view of the ice barrel

open lid wooden ice chest

wine barrel ice chest - opened

If you happen to find a better looking product than this online, be sure to let us know as we want to keep this post updated with the best info we can on this item.

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