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Game of Thrones Night King Glowing POP Figure

So the Night King from Game of Thrones is the most scariest characters in television series, although we don’t get to see him so much, every time he shows up in the show, that means trouble. He came to be when he was stabbed in the heart with a piece of dragonglass, after that event he turned into the Night King and pretty much started a war against the human race. He became the leader of the army known as The White Walkers which are also undead and started his march towards The Wall where the men of the Night’s Watch will try to stop them to protect the North.

If you watched the Game of Thrones show than you know what the Night King is capable off and who he is, but if you’re not, here’s a cool video explaining the history of the Night King:

OK, after getting this out of the way, now that we know how awesome he is, check out this cool Game of Thrones knight king glowing POP figure:


It is an officially licensed HBO Game of Thrones merchandise. It glows in the dark. It’s exclusively made by GameStop. It looks pretty scary while glowing. It’s a cool collector’s item for hardcore GOT fans. Made from Vinyl. Dimensions are: 3 3/4″, weight 3.5 oz. It is suitable for ages 3+.

Game Of Thrones Night King Glowing Figure 2

Here is the top review of this glowing Night King figurine on Amazon: 

5/5 stars – Great product.

” This is a fantastic game of thrones pop figure and a great addition to my collection. But like all of the Funko pop vinyl figures the paint isn’t flawless, but it is only visible under scrutiny when it’s removed from the box. However i like to keep my collectables in their original boxes. I like the style of the boxes and it keeps the figurines dust free. The price is good too. I believe in stores like HMV they cost around £15 each? With these cheap prices I’m going to try and collect them all. King of the North! haha ”

Game Of Thrones Night King Glowing Figure 3

If this doesn’t satisfy you, check out this video review done by darth akoko productions:

Price: $25.99

Get It Here

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