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Introducing the TV BEER MUG

For the young people out there reading this, make no mistake about it, life is a struggle, everything you do from morning to evening is a fight, the rat race as they say, raising a family, trying to do good at work, stuck in traffic, shopping, school and a lot more stuff, even sitting at home after a hard day drinking your favorite beer watching TV is a struggle, why? Because every time you take a sip, the other side of the beer mug will block your view, how annoying is that?! Well, we can’t fix your life, but we can solve that problem, introducing – the TV Beer Mug.

How the Television Beer Mug Works

The technology behind this TV Beer Mug is so sophisticated that you will never see it in any other product on earth, maybe on a spaceship that is currently being built to fly to mars, thats how complicated it was to engineered this TV Beer Mug. But as usual we managed to get our hands on some secret documents revealing how the mug is made, are you ready? One side of the mug has been cut off! Are you mind blown? When you take a sip from your mug nothing will block your view because that side of the mug doesn’t exist anymore, yes we live in that world from now on. The people who invented this product should win an award of some kind, Peace is easy, this changes lives!

Price: $11

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tv beer mug 4

tv beer mug 2-1

Get It Here

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