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The Breaking Bad Cutting Board inspired by the popular Breaking Bad series that everyone knew and loved. It was so popular because of the great actors, story and most importantly – it lasted! There are various products on the market that feature pictures, quotes and a lot more from Breaking Bad and all of them are great! In this case, we bring you the awesome Breaking Bad cutting board featuring Heisenberg with a quote: ‘Let’s Cook’! even if… you might not want to be cooking together with Heisenberg.

Nomad Gift’s series of Heisenberg-mugged cutting boards are all completely hand made, made out of solid, ecologically clean maple and ash – the cleanest, purest, and best in the business as our dear Heisenberg usually says.

Let’s Cook Heisenberg Breaking Bad Cutting Board

breaking bad cutting board - let's cook

It seems quite strange having Heisenberg on a cutting board, but let us be real here – It looks quite good honestly! Whether you choose to actually cut food on this board, or not is entirely up to you, but really it is awesome!

Another variation of the Heisenberg cutting board

Heisenberg cutting board

You will surely have the best cutting board in town with this great Heisenberg cutting board that comes in 12″ x 8″ x 0.75 size. These boards are all impregnated with mineral oil and covered with beeswax to keep their top condition.

This one has the face of Walter White with some chemical elements

face of Walter White cutting board

In case you are doubting whether or not it is smart to cut things on these boards, yes! The other side is completely clean which makes it a great side for cutting.

This is my favorite version.

breaking bad cutting board

All these cutting boards are ECO friendly, making it a renewable resource. Made out of high quality wood, these Breaking Bad cutting boards will last for a long time, which is very important in the kitchen! Now we want to see Jesse on the some new versions right?

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