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Are you a physics geek who proudly shows off his geekiness around? Then, the Newton’s Cradle Fridge Magnet is for you. 

Chances are, you already have a Newton’s Cradle tow sitting on your table. There’s something hypnotic about the series of metal balls hanging from a pole – the first and the last balls swinging away and clinking and clanking against the other… 

Now, you can put up this fridge magnet on the door of your refrigerator. In fact, since it’s a magnet, you can stick on the door of any furniture with a ferrous surface. 

Newton’s Cradle Fridge Magnet – A Physics lover’s favorite decor piece

Table-top toys modeled after Newton’s Cradle are very popular. If you’re a lover of physics, you can marvel at the magic of science that the little device captures.

Even if you’re not much into physical laws, you can simply stare at the swinging balls as they soothe your mind. 

Now, Newton’s Cradle is available in the form of a fridge magnet that can sit on the door of any metallic surface. You don’t really need to be a physics person to be in love with this device. But yes, if you are, you’ll appreciate it a little more. 

But what is Newton’s Cradle?

newton's cradle fridge magnet

Let’s blow your mind with some science. Newton’s Cradle is a device that demonstrates the “law of conservation of momentum”. The what of what, now? Ok, let’s back up a little. 

Any object that’s in motion has momentum. You can say that momentum is the strength of the moving object or the force it can exert on another body.

The law of conservation of momentum states that if there are multiple objects in a single system and collide, their total momentum remains the same. 

Newton’s Cradle has a frame with multiple balls that hang from a pole on the top, forming a single system. It is the perfect demonstration of the law of conservation of momentum.

If you want to know about the real-world use or application of the law and the Cradle, the answer is this fridge magnet. (If you want more examples, we won’t dignify your physics-related queries with a response.)

Newton’s Cradle Fridge Magnet Details

newton's cradle fridge magnet

This stunning fridge magnet has five metal spheres hanging by wires within a frame in such a way that they barely touch each other. The item has a width of 6.25 inches and a height of 8 inches. It has a depth of almost 5 inches. So, it’s pretty prominent and really elegant.

When you pull the ball on one end of the series and let it go, it strikes the next ball. Interestingly, it doesn’t move. Instead, you’ll notice that the last ball in the series moves, while the other three balls in the middle of the series remain motionless. 

What’s the use of Newton Cradle Fridge Magnet?

If you’re going to go all Mary Kondo about everything and question its purpose, then here’s why you should keep it – Newton Cradle Fridge Magnet will “bring you joy” as a demonstration of a law of physical science.

If you’re a science enthusiast without understanding how things work, this fridge magnet will remind you that you at least know of the law of conservation of momentum. 

It’s a good way to wear your intelligence and your love for science on your sleeves. You can also have a little fun playing with it while you wait for the Ramen to boil and the coffee to brew.

Besides, if your refrigerator is covered with countless ugly magnets, along with Christmas cards and scribbles by kids, the Newton’s Cradle fridge magnet is the perfect excuse to give your fridge door a clean look. 

There’s another use of this hypnotizing fridge magnet. Are you always sneaking a peek into the refrigerator whenever you’re bored, to find something to stuff into your mouth?

The Newton’s Cradle Fridge Magnet is the perfect distraction for you. Who knows? The fun of physics might kill your boredom and prevent you from binge-eating!  

ThinkGeek’s novel collection

This novel decor piece has been launched by ThinkGeek, a brand known for coming up with the most exciting and unique collector’s items and decor pieces.

From the screaming alarm clock to the bean-bag onesie, you’ll find the funniest items in ThinkGleek’s collection and want to possess them.

It is also known for designing official merchandise for various brands. These are fun collector’s items with high functionality.

Harry Potter lantern, Pokemon waffle iron, and Star Trek tea set are all novelty items from the house of ThinkGeek. It’s no wonder that all geeks of different works love this brand.

ThinkGeek’s products are all fully functional, and not just showpieces that sit on a shelf and catch dust. 

Similarly, the Newton Cradle fridge magnet is a fully functional item. It has balls tethered in such a way that they go all clickety-clack every time the fridge door is opened or closed, or when you deliberately make them dance and display the laws of physics. It makes your kitchen look appealing. 

Final Words:

The Newton’s Cradle fridge magnet gives a sleek look to your fridge door while showcasing your love for science.

If you enjoy appearing a little nerdy to the world, show off your pride in yourself as a physics geek with this stylish and functional scientific device-cum-decor piece. 

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