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Are you the type of person that likes to listen to music when you work out? Maybe you’re busy and music keeps you motivated? If so, HELIX Wearable Cuff with Bluetooth Headphones is the perfect product for you.

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It’s the world’s first wearable cuff with Bluetooth headphones. It’s great because you can wear it all the time if you want and it goes with everything. It’s pretty much just a bracelet with Bluetooth headphones hidden in plain sight. Simple yet incredibly clever and convenient.

If you thought an iPod with all your music on it was convenient, you’ll be blown away by HELIX. Who would miss pulling tangled earbuds out of their pocket every time they wanted to listen to music? I know I won’t. And you don’t have to with the HELIX wearable cuff. You can listen to the music on your phone without having to worry about earbud wires getting tangled or yanked around.


You can wear it all day long as a cool accessory and whenever you want to listen to music, just pop the headphones out. Then put them back, with ease, so you can get to them again later.

The HELIX cuff is on sale now at It’s in a pretty great price for easy access to your favorite tunes. Check out this super convenient product and let us know what you think in the comments section. We were pretty impressed with it.




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