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OMG! Who is the genius?! Some genius put together iPhone case and bubble wrap in the most mind blowing way and invented the bubble wrap iPhone case. The genius designed the case which protects the iPhone and simulates bubble wrap popping. All people I know (what about you?) like to  pop bubbles of the bubble wrap. It so relaxing and pleasing that you almost want to cry when you realise that there is no more bubble to pop. You wish you always have these magic bubbles at the reach of your fingertips, and now you can. Your iPhone IS always at the reach of your fingertips probably and if it has bubble popper case you’ll be able to enjoy the realistic bubble wrap sound and feeling any time you want. Another huge advantage is that it also protects your phone if you happen to drop it, if you’re like me and having to handle not one, but two babies every day, you know it can be a handle when you need to reach inside your twins diaper bag when you get a call with one baby in your hand and the other hanging from your feet. It can be challenging trust me! It also simulates bubble wrap popping, but hey – who cares, as long as it feels the same. iAnko is a firm established in 2008. They’re specialised in high-end electronic product and its accessories, such as smartphone cases, screen protectors, power banks, interfaces, USB hubs and so on. With a passion for innovation and customer satisfaction, iAnko Team has delivered to us this awesome bubble wrap iPhone case to enjoy and to relieve the stress whenever we feel like.

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