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Meet the solar powered charger for iPhone by Green Lighting you absolutely must have if you’re the type of person who is always on the go and living on the red side of your battery. What’s so special about this iPhone charger you ask? Well, unlike any other phone chargers you may know, the solar powered charger for iPhone has a suction cup that can be  glued to any window recharge it’s battery using the power of the sun.

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Why you need this solar powered charger for iPhone?

So yeah, if you’re on a flight, or driving your car and you see that red battery icon and you have to navigate your way across town, this little gadget can help you.

This product although called solar powered charger for iPhone, is in fact a multi charger for almost any phone type because it comes with a string of different charging plugs that fits Android phones, tablets and many more devices. The battery comes with four blue lights on the back side to indicate the power level and a green light that tells you when the battery is currently charging from the sun. Along with all these cool things, the product comes with a USB plug so you can charge it the old fashion way via your laptop or using an adaptor to plug it to any electricity input.


The solar battery has an internal 2000mAh lithium-ion battery, that’s enough to charge your iPhone in full one time. The device comes with a micro USB, mini USB, a lightning charger and a 30 pin iOS charger, what this means in plain English is is that this device can charge any iPhone, Android or Windows phone or tablet you may have, it should also fit a lot more devices that use the aforementioned charging plugs, so it got you covered.


The solar powered charger is 4.5 inches in diameter x 1.5 inches thick, this size makes it perfect to attach to a plane window, car window or just on the ground while you’re camping, hiking or whatever. Scroll down the page to watch a short video showing you the Green Lighting solar powered charger for iPhone in action.




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