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The EO Travel Backpack is different than a traditional top load backpack. Are you Looking for a new backpack to make your quick trips even better than ever? Incase has surprised us with the quality of their EO Travel Backpack, which seems to be one of the most popular backpacks out there at the moment. Stay organized at all times, protect your expensive laptop, iPad, phone and stash your clothes and gear.

The EO Travel Backpack is fully weather resistant, which means you will not struggle with wet clothes or danger of a wet laptop. Sleek and a very modern simplistic design of this awesome travel backpack truly make it look great for people who like to keep things simple.

Which backpack has an expandable main compartment that increases capacity by more than 35% for longer trips? Incase EO Travel backpack has exactly that, plus side compression straps for securing and stabilizing the contents inside for easier carrying. Breathable mesh back panels, Padded shoulder straps, and an adjustable sternum strap makes traveling a whole new experience that will surely get to you.

A lot of traveling backpacks can not hold a 17” laptop, which is a huge downside because people like to carry their laptops on trips. The Incase travel backpack has enough space to hold your 17” laptop with ease and protect it from all weather changes you might encounter on your trips. Inside of the backpack there is a slip pocket that will protect your iPad while organizer pockets will hold chargers cables and other essentials you might take with you.

Are you ready to experience what a real travel backpack does to your trips? Preparing for trips will no longer be something that causes you headache because you have nowhere to store all of your things, Incase EO travel backpack is something you will appreciate having once you get to see how awesome it truly is.

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Watch the video:

Here’s a front look at the EO Travel Backpack

black eo travel backpack

Sideway view – Remember it’s big enough for your 17 inch laptop

side view of the travel backpack

Here’s a look at the backpack when it’s open

grey open backpack

It can open all the way like a suitcase for more room

incase travel backpack open wide image

And it also looks cool when you carry it

 eo travel backpack rom behind

Specifications of the bag:

Size and dimensions: 21.5″ x 15″ x 5″ (L x W x H)

Can hold 24L

You can slide inside a 17″ laptop or iPad


Materials: The black bag is made of Triple coated weather resistant front panel and the Heather Gray from Durable 300D heathered weave Ecoya® eco-dyed poly.

The shoulder straps come with padding for maximum comfort.

The main compartment can expand up to 35% if you need to use it like a suitcase for travel.


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