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The Absolut Vodka iPhone 6 Case is a cool gadget to own, check out the description below

An iPhone owner is a parent who can never stop treating the iPhone like a new-born, coddling it and dolling it up in new clothes – or covers, whatever you want to call them.

To be fair, many phone owners love to clothe their phones in new covers every day. It’s safe to assume you’re here to check out a new and exclusive cover for your iPhone 6. How does the Absolut Vodka iPhone 6 case sound?

Now, that’s one cool phone cover, isn’t it? It’s going to give complete protection to your phone, keeping it away from scratches and dents. But we both know you’re not here just for protection.

Don’t worry! This cover offers a unique look that will make everyone turn their head towards the baby in your hand. 

Absolut Vodka iPhone 6 Case – It’s double the swag fest!

Absolut Vodka iPhone 6 Case

If there’s any way to improve the coolness of Apple, it’s by adding the value of Absolut to it. After all, the oomph score of “Absolut Vodka” is pretty high, isn’t it? And when you have the round Apple logo showing through the transparent cover, you get a combination that’s hard to miss. 

The cover is shaped like a bottle of Absolut vodka – its silver cap and all included – with the popular Absolute logo on the bottle. The cover is also convex, making it look even more like a real bottle.

Once you slip the cover on the phone, it pretty much looks like your iPhone 6 is swimming inside the bottle, with the world’s most beloved Vodka protecting the phone from all sides. 

In case you’re wondering – no, this is not official Absolute merchandise or anything. You’d expect the price to triple if it were. But that shouldn’t keep you from owning this novel cover.

If you’re a booze-head, you will fall in love with this phone cover at first sight.  

It’s a super-stylish iPhone 6 cover!

The Absolut Vodka iPhone 6 cover comes in a variety of colors, which are reflected in the text. There’s no denying that this cover is absolutely unique – nothing like what we usually see on the backs of regular phones.

It has a 3D look, which makes it even more fun. 3D phone covers may not be rare, but one that looks like a bottle of Vodka definitely is. It’s no ordinary vodka, either. It’s Absolut!

You have to agree that though the market is filled with phone covers – and some of them are really good – this one is quite original in design. It adds a fun character to the phone without adding bulk or going overboard.

It’s sleek and sophisticated, and yet so much fun! You’ll definitely get some compliments for this cover – and get greeted by fellow vodka-lovers at any party that you walk into with this cover on the phone. 

But is it a good phone cover?

Absolut Vodka iPhone 6 Case

So, we have established that the Absolut Vodka cover for iPhone 6 is stylish and cool. But is it of any use, or is it just another fancy cover? Honestly, that’s a legit question – one that we should be asking ourselves before buying every novelty cover.

Thankfully, this cover is far from the league of phone covers that look cool but are pretty much useless. 

Made of silicone gel, this cover is flexible and rubbery and is easy to slip onto the phone without scratching the surface and instantly transforms its look.

It’s not bulky at all and allows a secure grip. It’s also pretty easy to remove and clean before you snap it back on. 

It provides complete protection against any impact in case you drop the phone.

The raised edges and side grips further add to the protection of your baby. Don’t worry; the cover doesn’t come in the way of using the buttons, camera, or screen. These remain fully functional when the cover is on. 

So, it protects your phone from dust, scratches, shocks, and dents. It has a slim design and complements the sleekness of the iPhone 6 perfectly while protecting the valuable little phone.

It’s so unique! What else could you ask for in a phone cover? If it were a woman, you’d describe it as ‘beauty with brains’! 

A big thumbs-up to the Absolut Vodka iPhone 6 cover 

Absolut Vodka iPhone 6 Case

This cover may not be a merch, but there’s no dispute that this is one of the best ways for a vodka-lover to show his respect for Sweden’s greatest gift to the world – Absolut. The cover will show off your style and your love for Vodka, without being too loud about it. 

Plus, it does its primary job quite well, i.e., protecting the iPhone completely. So if your phone slips out of your hand while you’re drunk-texting your ex, at least the vulnerable baby will be safe. This phone cover is a must-have for all iPhone 6 parents!

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