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This awesome Da Vinci clock kit would be a great Christmas or birthday gift idea for your kids or nephews, but the only problem is that they probably don’t know how to read an analog clock. So maybe switch that idea with a nice Captain America rug or this Death Star ice mold. Either way, we think this clock is just cool to have.

However, if the kid you want to but this for is a really hands on DIY kinda guy(kid). The Wooden Mechanical Da Vinci clock may be the perfect gift.

If you want to dig a little bit deeper on the product, it has a 24 page instructions book attached so that you won’t miss a thing. It does not come with a wood glue and a razor saw, counterweight glue and sandpaper that you will need to put this thing together though, so take this into consideration. 

All pieces were CNC lazer cut for precision and accuracy. The one thing we are certain about is the fact that once you put this thing together, you will enjoy the mezmerizing movement and accuracy of the gears and pieces. It’s like looking at a clock from the past, really special gift idea.

The Wooden DIY Da Vinci Clock Kit is a perfect gift idea for kids or people who like to assemble

Da Vinci Clock Kit Gift Idea For a DIY Kid Or Adult

So many pieces you will definitely need the 24 instructions pages included in the package

But once it’s up and running, you will be satisfied and stare at the nice movement of the gears as time slowly goes by

Just don’t forget that young kids today can’t read analog clocks.

Da Vinci Clock Kit Gift Idea For a DIY Kid Or Adult
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