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Winter is coming. If you plan on doing this season right, you’ll be drinking out of a handmade horn mug. Each of these mugs is handmade from real cattle horns. No two mugs are alike and that’s how we like them.

These mugs look just like the ones you’ve seen on Game of Thrones. The cow horns are cut into shape and heated and shaped into mugs with a handle on the side. The only part of this mug that’s not 100% cow horn is the wooden base. They’re suitable for any cold drink. I’m not so sure about carrying hot drinks in one of these mugs but most of them hold up to a pint.

So sit down by a roaring fire with some roasted boar, or whatever it is you eat in the Seven Kingdoms, and enjoy your horn mug. Gulp blood red wine from this pint sized mug while you plot your way to the throne.

I would seriously consider buying one of these mugs. They’re only $60, which isn’t much at all when you’re paying for both functionality and craftsmanship. Leave your thoughts in the comments section and let us know what you think.

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