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Everyone has a thing. Your thing is something unique to you that you’re absolutely obsessed with. For example, my boyfriend’s thing is beer. All kinds of beer. He keeps the cap to every new beer he tries. But the only place he’s had to keep them is in a jar, until now. Introducing the Beer Cap Map

If you’re a beer lover and you enjoy trying new and different beers, you need a place to keep your caps. But you also need a place where you can display them to say to people “hey, look at all the beer I drank!” Or perhaps it would say to them “hey, look how damaged my liver is judging by how many bottle caps I’ve collected on this beer cap map!”

If you want to show the world you have a problem, you need this USA Beer Cap Map. The map comes pre-drilled for hanging and has enough holes to fit 80 bottle caps.

Need a passive-aggressive way to tell a friend they need to quit drinking this holiday season? Collect as many of their beer bottle caps as you can, buy them this map, fill it up and present it to them on the day. When they ask why you already filled all 80 holes that’s when you tell them “this is an intervention.”

Take a look at this alcoholics map of the USA and leave your thoughts and drunken slurs in the comments section.

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beer cap map 2


beer cap map

Get the Map On Amazon

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