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You remember when people used to go to the beach or the pool and bring those crappy radios with them? More often than not, they’d play the music that you hate and the sound quality was always terrible. Or how about more recently, people play music on their phones and it sounds even worse. Like that music you hear when you’re on hold at the doctors office and you put it on speaker.

Well, screw that noise. Introducing Big blue Party Indoor-Outdoor Speaker! It’s wireless, it works with bluetooth, and it doesn’t sound like crap. You can take it to the beach or the pool or just listen to it at home by yourself where no one can bother you. Either way, it’s waterproof and doesn’t make your music sound like a horror movie.

The Big Blue Party Speaker got 4 full range speakers and a rechargeable battery that last up to 4 and a half hours. Don’t show up to the party with a crappy stereo. You have no excuse to put people through that now.

Take a look at this bad boy and buy one before your next pool or beach party. Leave your thoughts in the comments section.

Get The Speaker Here


big blue party speaker-2

big blue party speaker

Get The Speaker Here

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