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Are you lazy? Do you love cheese? Do you love to play with your food? If you answered yes to all these questions then I’ve got just the weird thing for you. And when I say weird, I mean weird. The Hot Cheese Gun

Everyone meet the Fondoodler hot cheese gun. If you laughed as hard as I did when you read that, chances are you’ve already decided to buy this thing. It’s only $25 so it’s not that frivolous a buy, right?

I like cheese on my hot dogs. Who doesn’t? With this glorified cheesy hot glue gun, you can melt any kind of cheese and pipe it right onto your wiener.

Who needs Easy Cheese when you can pipe hot, gooey cheese onto your food, your friends, or straight into your mouth? I’ve got some friends that I know would love this, so I’ll be sure to share this with them. And you should too. There are plenty of people who have been waiting for a device like this. They’ve been asking for years “what about me? What about my needs?” Well, now their prayers for easy access to hot cheese have finally been answered.

Take a look at this magnificent invention and tell all your friends. The world is changing, can you keep up? Tell us how you feel about this in the comments section and if this is not an awesome thing worth buying then i don’t know what is.

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Get It Here

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