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This Eiffel Tower wine glass set is a perfect example of how known and popular the tower really is and considered for being the most-visited paid monument in the world. So there’s no surprise there are many samples of little things such as decorations, food plates and even these cool wine glasses made in its shape.

Who doesn’t like going to a party and tasting some amazing wine from a rather unusual glass? Now you can be one of the people who will serve it and get a bunch of cool compliments and questions about where you bought it. Did you know there are Eiffel Tower Wine glasses that are high quality and really stand out?

Bring something new to the table and show everyone how great these glasses actually look!

Adding some sophistication and something new to your wine parties will be super easy with this Eiffel Tower Wine Glass set that is designed to attract a lot of attention to the details and makes you cherish ‘vintage’ in the most charming way ever.

Specifications of the Eiffel Tower wine glass

The full length of a glass is 9.25 inches, the length of stem from base to bottom of the goblet is 5 inches, each and every glass can hold up to 10 oz of any great wine you might have in your house. They are handcrafted out of glass and are completely dishwasher safe, which is awesome because washing these without a dishwasher might be an issue.

There’s never a bad time to buy gifts for friends and family, these Eiffel Tower Wine glasses might be a perfect present for your mother, best friend, wife or anyone who will appreciate the beautiful design and quality of these lovely Wine glasses.

Which great wine would you pick to pour into one of these lovely glasses? Did you ever thought you will see glasses in such a shape? Honestly we’re sure you’re not surprised.

The Eiffel tower set can be a nice addition to your dinner party

It can hold any type of wine and is dishwasher safe

Wow your guests next time you entertain

Here’s a look at the glasses when they are empty

Close Up on the Eiffel Tower base

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