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Drinking beer in the shower is a regular thing by now, and if you didn’t try it by now you haven’t lived at all. Luckily some people realized that you must have a comfy place to place your beer can while you’re in the shower so the shower beer holder was born. Below you can find 10 shower beer holders that will make your life a little bit better. Thanks to these dreamers shower beer is as comfy as drinking tea.

1: The Shakoolie – the ultimate shower beer holder

The Shakoolie product is maybe the most recognizable shower beer holder on the market, mainly because of the many cool designs you can get it. It also holds pretty solid inside the shower and is very comfortable to slip your can of beer inside and out.

Price: $9.97

Get It Here

shower beer holder 3-1

2: The Sudsy

Imagine a mix of a cady and a cup holder. this is the Sudsy, the love child of the two. It’s pretty good because you can hang it from the shower curtain and it looks pretty cool. Plus, you can adjust the length of it to fit a can, bottle or what ever. Worth checking out. *unfortunately this idea never saw the light of day and their Kickstarter campaign failed.


3: This Kooler Sucks

The idea is solid, you have a regular Koozie, you have a shower, how no one thought of this idea before is beyond me. The only problem is that like the previous product, this didn’t stick. The Koozie has a detachable vacuum plug that can stick to the wall holding your beer with fun.


4: The Shower Beer Buddy

Beside the obvious cool shape of this shower beer holder, this is actually a pretty good beer holder. Invented by Jon Corbett, this idea came to him after graduating from college and realising that he learned more about how to party than anything else while in college, and he needed a place to keep his beer cold while he was showering.

Price: $9.95

Get It Here


5: The Hang Over

This little bad boy is mom approved because you can even place your soap on it. It has a perfect place to place your beer glass or any other glass you want to drink while you’re taking a shower. Like their Kickstarter page says ” It’s not a drinking problem, it’s a drinking solution “. The company also makes awesome soaps so check them out too.

Get It Here


6: Lifeline Drink Holder

This is a simple and genius shower beer holder because it’s just a plastic shape and simple can holder you can hang in the shower or anywhere else and get your drink on.


7: The beer hanger

Don’t want to buy and spend money on a beer holder? Make your own. Using just a hanger you can twist it and blend it into shape, it maybe doesn’t look shiny and nice like the rest of the products on this list, but it will do the trick. See how it’s made here


8: The Tub Mug

It’s a mug of beer with a clips attached to it, You can just hammer a nail in the wall and slide this baby on it. It will hold, don’t make things complicated.


9: 3d Printable cup holder

This is a 3D print cup holder that can fit any glass or can and it will stick to the wall of the shower. It comes in various colors and looks pretty damn cool. One of the best options of a shower beer holder.

Price: $11.81

Get It Here


10: Shower caddy

Yes, you can use your regular shower caddy to store your beer, that is until your cheap ass will get up and buy a real beer shower holder. Don’t like it Tough

shower beer holder 11-1

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