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These self defense shoe spikes will help you better protect yourself from attackers with a non lethal weapon. Every women knows the tense feeling of walking alone after dark, with this little gadget, you can feel a little bit safer.

Intro on the self defense shoe spikes

Do you ever feel like someone’s trying to nag you from behind when you walk through the dimly lit road of your campus? Do you call yourself a nightrider but always want someone to drop you home from parties?

Well, you may be binging too much on Sherlock or Luther. Just maybe. You can’t leave it to chance. We all want to have some extra security levels on the streets of Detroit and other dark neighborhoods.

Indeed, it’s not everybody’s forte to carry a pocket knife. You don’t want to get caught in the metro scanner and get embarrassed about carrying a knife. This self-defense weapon from Kuba Kickz might be your best resort.

Picture it up, a couple of rascals are inching towards you to capture your gold chain, and you can’t reach out to your purse for the pepper spray. You quickly hit a kick each to each one’s shin, and in moments they are down growling in pain.

self defense shoe spikes

Is the spikes dangerous?

No, you haven’t broken their bones. The hit from these spikes is only strong enough to make your kicks more powerful but bearable. It would neither cut their flesh nor break the bones.

But it buys you just enough time to run away and call the police while they lay on the ground.

Are you already excited by the prospect? But what if someone else spots it and points it out for you at the office? Is it obtrusive? How powerful is its impact? Let’s find out.

What is the Kuba Kickz Self Defense Shoe spike made of?

This self defense shoe spike is made up of you cannot guess it – plastic! Well, it might seem like a joke to you right now. But it won’t matter when even your 16-year old girl kicks with it on your arm or shin.

It can be even more potent when you raise your kick just above the thighs at the crotch. We can only imagine the dilemma of the kidnapper or rapist there. 

The spikes are made up of ABS plastic material that is hard enough to enhance the kick’s power. But because it’s plastic, it won’t cause any severe damage, so you don’t have to stand on the other side in the court.

The spikes have bluntly pointed points coming from 3 protrusions. As you can see in the pictures, they focus on a large area and hence won’t cause any bleeding.

The self defense shoe spikes design ensures that the impact is high enough to make the enemy regret almost instantly. Indeed it’s a wiser weapon than broken bottles in your bar brawls.

How do you fit the self defense spike in your shoe?

Having a spike protruding out of your shoe does seem like an embarrassing prospect in public places or at your office. Will people think you’re an assassin? 

Common doesn’t go as far. Everyone knows the importance of having a nonlethal weapon to assist yourself, especially if you’re a student or a woman. 

Kuba Kickz has ensured that the spike isn’t obtrusive either. It slips in gently above the tongue of your shoes in between the laces. It isn’t too at a 1-inch height. 

The 2.5-inch length ensures it would fit most of our shoes easily. The only issue we could face is that it works only with laced shoes. So you might consider keeping spare shoes in your backpack when you move out of the office.

Moreover, the spikes are ultra-lightweight at just 0.02 pounds. You won’t feel like wearing leg weights while walking with it, but its hit will still feel like one with the leg weights.

You might not have expected it, but a product like this also comes in a variety of colors, including white, grey, beige, pink and black. It’s a good idea to camouflage by coordinating it with the color of your shoe.

Who can use it?

ANYONE. Okay, it might be too far fetched if you buy it for your 8-year old. But it works for anyone who can raise their feet to hit. It’s like a non-lethal weapon hiding in plain sight and works with whatever you already know.

It will surely improve the power of the weakest of the kicks. But a little kick practice isn’t too bad once you order it. But don’t forget that with great power comes great responsibility ( Thanks Spiderman ).

Don’t hit your buddies for fun, or they might not share their snacks with you anymore.

How powerful is it?

It is powerful enough to put your enemies down in excruciating pain in just one hit to the waist or shin. The impact will be on the muscles and nerves so they might get back up soon. Always have a plan B ready in any case.

Summing Up

Kuba Kickz’s self defense is a useful weapon that hits just hard enough. You obviously need to learn how to react quickly and not panic in such situations. It is just as effective in boosting your self-confidence, and you might solve a case before it happens with this in your boots.

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