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This is the most expensive pen in the world. A space-age gadget if I ever saw one. Maison Caran d’Ache, a Swiss premium writing tool company and luxury watchmaker MB&F created this limited edition fountain pen.

It’s called the Astrograph fountain pen and it’s shaped like a rocket ship and comes in a launch pad box. This pen will cost you a whopping  $19,900. This is understandable as it’s a limited edition and it’s so badass.

It contains at least 99 innovative components to make it worth your money. It took 4 years and a lot of geniuses to design it. You may think it’s just a silly pen. Why should you spend so much money on a dumb pen? Well, a team of brilliant people came together and worked their asses off to create this. So I’d say it’s worth the money. I say if you can’t make it yourself, you respect the price and you drop your entire life’s savings on it. And no, we didn’t lose our mind, people who appreciate quality pens and collect them know that a good pen is pretty much priceless, so it’s no surprise this most expensive pen took so long to make and it looks so bad ass.

Take a look at these pictures of the Astrograph fountain pen and tell us what you think of it.

The pen was inspired by MB&F founder Maximilian Busser childhood dream of exploring space.

most expensive pen 1

The most expensive pen is shaped like a rocket, and when you look closely at it, it looks very futuristic


The Astrograph pen is made out of 99 different parts, and in honor of that fact only 99 pens will be made as a limited edition.

most expensive pen 3-1

If you still freak out about the price tag, just know that compared to the most expensive fountain pen this is dirt cheap. The fountain pen that is called Aurora Diamante cost $1.3 million. Yes that’s millions.

If you have $20,000 just sitting there, consider getting this pen

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