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The Bob Ross LEGO set is an awesome reminder of our childhood, and YES, you can get it for your kid as well, most likely he will have no idea who Bob Ross is, but you can explain and it’s a nice thing to do together.

No matter how cliche the phrase ‘learning with fun’ becomes, the toy companies never cease to use it. And the perfect example of the cliche is Lego sets.

It is one toy that has transcended through generations and still remained as popular as the first Lego set became.

Bob Ross LEGO set

Although we might not think of it as a learning curve in our childhood days, looking back does make us feel it is a beautiful playground to hone a child’s skills.

And we surely want to carry forward the Lego legacy and bring it to our kids.

But when we think of the concept ‘learning with fun’, there’s another name that comes to our mind. It’s that of Bob Ross.

Yes, we all thought the painting was someone like Leonardo da Vinci’s cup of tea until Bob Ross brought it to our homes.

After all that, it’s such a shame that children read about Bob Ross only in books. What if we combine the two? What about a Lego Set that has the legendary painter Bob Ross’s Minifigure in it?

You may have the fortune of watching Bob Ross on the TV, but your child doesn’t. So why not gift him a Lego set with the inspirational painter’s Minifigure in it.

Bob Ross LEGO set video:

And the Lego Minifigure looks just as lively as Bob Ross himself. The 70s inspired outfit of white shirt and light brown pants, the trademark afro perm, and, of course, the canvas and pallets of paint.

But are the Bob Ross Lego set pieces genuine? Is it durable? What about the total number of pieces it contains?

How can you make your child learn about the legend of Bob Ross with it?

Read on to know all about the Bob Ross lego set.

What does the Lego set contain?

bob ross lego set
bob ross lego set
via LEGO
bob ross lego set

The Bob Ross Lego set contains all your child will want to figure out how Bob Ross performed his art.

Uhm..yes maybe it’s going too far in saying that. But the Minifigure is more or less a copy of Bob Ross, which will intrigue your child.

You can start telling stories about the legendary painter to your kids. You can also visit YouTube and show your kids some exciting videos of the greatest painter ever lived.

And we can all predict how easy it will be to inspire your children to paint after watching Bob Ross, who just knew how to weave the art of painting in your head.

Since it all starts in the head, it is the right way to inspire your children to find their favorite hobby.

But that’s not it. Children are always curious about the characters they find the most amusing. More than real-life characters, they are interested to know about those in the cartoons and toys.

Once your kid starts playing with the Bob Ross lego set, he will become more interested in watching Bob Ross’s videos than even you when you watched his videos.

What’s in the box?

The small set contains a custom toy figure of Bob Ross, his paintbrush and palette, easel and black canvas, and a work table. You’ll also find three cans of Red, Yellow and Green paints.

Since children are always curious to identify and play with colors, it’s just the perfect introduction for them.

Blending Bob Ross’s artistry in the Lego set and combining it with a dose of Bob Ross videos will surely be the best learning with fun you can provide your child.

What about the quality of the product?

You can’t expect the premium Lego quality from custom Minifigures over the internet.

But it won’t be wrong to say that this Lego set is one the well-built Mini figures you’d find over Amazon, Etsy, and other marketplaces.

While we are doubtful of the material used at first, we later found that these are made up of genuine Lego pieces!

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That is why it didn’t look flimsy at all. The colors emulate those used in authentic Lego sets, and the set looks anything but cheap.

The material isn’t toxic and is kid-friendly too. Since the blocks are genuine Lego pieces, your child can put them in their mouth like all children also, and it won’t harm him that way. It’s the same eco-friendly ABS plastic of the Lego blocks.

But it’s good practice to make children learn not to put toys in their mouths. If your infant is too small, you might want to wait a bit more before gifting a Lego set to him.

Summing Up

The Bob Ross Lego set is as much for the nostalgic in you as it is for children to learn with fun.

Introducing your children to the inspirational painter in the form of toys isn’t a bad idea.

Relieve the child’s curiosity regarding the character by showing him some famous Bob Ross videos that would inspire him to bring the best out of him

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