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Below is the huge collection of Captain America Shield Tattoo, but before scrolling down to the pictures, here’s a nice thought. Superheroes have always been one of those passions that start with childhood and only grow with age. Marvel characters have become even more popular in recent years. The most popular among them seems to be Captain America. He’s like American patriotism on steroids.

If you’re a lover of superheroes, especially Marvel, you’re probably a big fan of Captain America. And what better way to express your love for the character than to get a tattoo of him. A lot of men have already jumped onto the Captain America tattoo bandwagon.

There are many variations of these tattoos, as seen on But the most popular one seems to be the shield. Everyone knows Captain America’s shield. It’s like it’s an extension of his body. You can’t have Captain America without the shield and you can’t have the shield without Captain America. There are also some featuring other Marvel characters.

These are just some examples of awesome captain america shield tattoos already in existence. But take a look and see if you get an idea of your own. Let us know what you think of them in the comments section.


Here is a Captain America Shield Tattoo #1

2: A shield tattoo hiding behind the skin

3: Another tattoo where the shield looks like it is batched with the skin

4: Flowers and patriotism. Nice work

captain america shield tattoo

5: Worn out shield tattoo, notice the bullet holes and cracks, symbolizing that the fight is never over.

6: Skin holding the shield in place.

7: Nice combination of Captain America and his shield tattoo

8: Elbow tattoo of the shield completely worn out

9: Back piece of the famous shield

10: Shoulder tattoo of Captain America’s Shield with blood on it.

11: The shield is stuck in the skin

12: Great use of the body here, the outer layers of the shield are going all the way to the back and chest

13: A cool pixel tattoo, great idea

14: Hardcore tattoo on the back side of the hand

captain america shield tattoo

15: Another variation of the shield tattoo embedded in the skin

16: The skin is torn apart to reveal the shield

17: Blood and fire on this nice tattoo

18: The classic Captain America Shield tattoo

19: Nice place to have a tattoo

20: Another tattoo on the back of the hand, these are becoming more and more popular

captain america shield tattoo

21: A huge upper tight tattoo of the shield

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