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The I shoot people coffee mug is the perfect gift for your annoying photographer friend who carries his camera everywhere and shoots you even though you specifically said, you don’t want to do it now.

Don’t get us wrong here. We are not endorsing the idea of shooting people like that in a battle royale or Counter-Strike (That’d be fun with endless lives though!) We are not even supporting the cool gangster vibe. 

i shoot people coffee mug

Here is the best gift you could give to your photographer friend. Here is a hilarious I Shoot People mug that does make things clear with a camera imprinted on it.

Think of the one behind your banger Instagram photos or the friend that did your portfolio for free. And when she clicked that hilarious photo of your boyfriend that you cheerfully posted on the Gram.

Well, she deserves a little more than thanks on her special day. What about a pic with this I Shoot People coffee mug that aptly describes her obsession?

And of course, if photography is your thing and you’re always on the lookout for ‘that’ moment, it’s time to treat yourself with this beautiful mug. 

And it’s a great gifting idea if your boss or girlfriend’s birthday comes at the end of the month when you’re left spare change to spend. At a few dollars, it will bring the cheeriest of the smile on the receiver’s face.

But is the material good enough to last? Will it serve its primary purpose well? What is it made of? Let’s find out.

How does the I Shoot People coffee mug look?

i shoot people coffee mug

Some accessories and decor look best personalized. Think of the posters in your room, your tattoo, your cigarette lighter, wallet, and, of course, the coffee mug. What do all of them have in common? They say something about you.

And so is this coffee mug. It exquisitely describes your hobby or passion for photography. There’s a stylish ‘I Shoot People’ written below a retro camera.

It delivers the message-plain and simple just how you like it. The retro camera brings that classy vibe that makes it an excellent showpiece option for your empty stands.

Moreover, it will beautifully fill the negative space for the aesthetic posts you share on Instagram. And of course, when you brewed the most irresistible coffee and want to share a Snap, the coffee mug will enhance the feel of it.

The print is visible on both sides so that you can have your pictures with it from your favorite profile. Because the mug is here for you, you don’t need to adjust to the mug!

It’s ideal for the classic photographers who have ever owned or used a reel film camera too. So it’s quite a versatile gift as of its appearance.

What is it made of?

The manufacturers have used fine ceramic to make this mug. So your precious yet inexpensive method won’t break on little drops in the sink or the countertop.

Moreover, it’s quite lightweight because of the ceramic. We all know people who take years to finish a cup of coffee. They just can’t stand a heavy mug for longer periods and would probably keep such a mug in the cupboard for the guests.

You don’t have to worry about that with this lightweight yet durable coffee mug. The base color of the mug is white, which is quite soothing for the eyes.

Moreover, photographers prefer white for those subtle, aesthetic shots. It’s just the perfect accessory for the calming early morning drink of coffee.

How much coffee can it fill?

Well, that’s a crucial question indeed. Coffee lovers rarely drink in cups smaller than 10 oz. Perhaps we have a friend who drinks almost a glass of hot brew at a time!

To ensure they remain focused while editing their shots, the cup has a size of 11 oz while you can also buy a bigger 15 oz version for the coffee fanatics.

The large C handle of the coffee mug ensures the drinker has a comfortable time having coffee. They won’t feel much weight even when the cup is filled to the brink because of the comfortable handle.

The company also claims that the mug’s design won’t fade away quickly. We can only hope it doesn’t, and our inexpensive gift remains with the receiver for a long time.

Is it Microwave Safe?

Yes, the mug is safe to use in dishwashers as well as a microwave. You can even cake the delicious mug cakes trending in the market right now.

And your photographer girlfriend would love to show off her baking skills along with the lovely mug. Her friends indeed would ask her from where they bought it, so don’t forget to share the details with them.

What’s more? Your photographer friend might even do another shoot for free for you! It’s wise to keep loading them up with the little gifts and keep your Instagram profile sparkling with aesthetic shots!

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