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Let’s face it, everyone who likes Batman had a fantasy about riding his awesome motorcycle we saw in The Dark Knight. Well, with this cool Batman motorcycle helmet you can get as close to it as possible!

This Batman styled motorcycle helmet by Helmet Dawg looks so good, you just might pass as the Batman when flying by people on the highway. The helmet is very light weight considering, and is DOT approved which is the most important thing.

It’s important to note that the custom design you see in the photos below is hand made, this is a very unique process that the company uses to create each Bat helmet so you should know when ordering one it might take a couple of weeks to get your product.

Here’s a front look of the Batman motorcycle helmet – looks so shiny and cool Batman Motorcycle Helmet - front look

Profile view, to make sure it looks nice from every angle

Batman Helmet - profile view

With the sun guard lifted

the dark knight helmet

And the back view. so we won’t leave anything out

back view of the batman custom helmet

The Bat ears are made from high quality materials but are also very flexible and durable

flexible but durable materials

This is a must have for bikers

Here’s a video review of the motorcycle Batman helmet:

All photos are from Helmet Dawg

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