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There’s a ninja inside all of us, so it’s perfectly reasonable to own at least one ninja hoodie, and for those of you out there who don’t know what it is, let me explain.

Sometimes you don’t want to fit in, or you feel you could just disappear for a while, well with the ARSNL Kino ninja hoodie you could do just that, it looks just like a regular popular hoodie, but it has an integrated face mask you can just pull up whenever you feel like disappearing or turning on your ninja mode.

These cool ninja hoodies come with hidden pockets so you can hide your…you know, stuff or whatever, it comes in a variety of colors and not only black like you might think, because ninjas want to be stylish too and black is pretty much the only color a ninja owns so, good thinking on the range of colors.

It’s made from cotton terry so it’s super nice and feels great on your body while you’re on your super secret missions. Now remember, without the face mask it looks just like a regular hoodie and no one would ever know you’re a ninja in disguise. However, when you pull up the face mask people around you will immediately start asking where did you go because with the mask pulled on you become a full on ninja in your own mind!  It covers most of your face just below your eyes so you could see what you’re doing. Check out the below video review of this awesome product:

Price: From $30 to $70

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Here is a video review about the Ninja Hoodie:



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