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This heat sensitive iPhone case is a brilliant gadget every mobile phone owner should want. Or is it? What exactly is it, let’s find out in the article below

Technology is drastically getting advanced when it comes to gadgets. Take the example of laptops – who would have thought that the makers would be able to reduce the bulkiness of the gadget and make it slimmer and lighter.

On a similar note, various mobile companies also seem to be introducing new technical versions in their recent launches, be it in the form of the camera resolution, the android version, or anything else. 

However, these advances are seen in the gadgets, or shall we say- in electronics. But, what if we say that there is an up-gradation in these gadget accessories? 

Will you believe this predicament?

Won’t you wish to check the trueness of this statement by yourself?

Recently, mobile cases have witnessed a rather peculiar technological induction in the form of heat-sensitive mobile cases.

Standard mobile cases are available for every single type of mobile phones available online. But, the heat sensitive cases are limited to certain mobile phones, one of them being the iPhones. 

It doesn’t come as shocking news since Apple has always been in the upfront whenever technological advances are considered.

So, we think that indeed a discussion about these thermal iPhone cases is much needed. 

What is a Heat Sensitive iPhone Case

Heat Sensitive iPhone Case
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From the name itself, you will be able to understand that the iPhone cases are thermally active.

This means that the cases will react in some way or the other in response to heat. So, whenever the surface of the mobile cover comes in contact with a body radiating thermal energy, it will show some response. 

What Is The Technology Induced Behind The Behavior Of The Mobile Phones?

Heat Sensitive iPhone Case
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As you know, certain electronic elements are heat-sensitive; their use will help you detect the direction and intensity of heat radiations.

In any heat sensitive element, electronic micro-components like LDR, pressure, and thermal sensitive ICs are used for the detection. 

Since we are talking about the thermal iPhone mobile cases, there is no use of such microdevices. This is because you would need a battery or an electric connection to switch on the case.

In reality, these mobile cases are made from thermal PU leather. Generally, PU stands for polyurethane, and this particular chemical is used as a coating on the surface of the vinyl leather. 

In cases of heat – sensitive PU cases, the vinyl leather is coated with polyurethane and a heat-sensitive chemical. 

How do these heat sensitive iPhone case work

Heat Sensitive iPhone Case

Our next concern will be regarding the working of these thermal cases, which are becoming so popular in the market. Because of the use of PU leather, the case looks slim fit and doesn’t have a bulky nature.

So, your iPhone will snug into the case just like any other phone would do. 

Usually, the case will have a certain color shade. Once you press the case’s surface with your fingers or the phone’s back comes in contact with your skin, the color will change to a varying degree of red, orange, and yellow.

The body heat emits infrared radiation. So, when any thermal sensor catches these, a color shade is produced, varying within the visible spectrum of yellow to red. 

The color of the case will change according to the surface’s shape in contact with the cover surface. 

Does The Case React To Every Kind Of Heat Treatment?

Does The Case React To Every Kind Of Heat Treatment

Since the name “heat-sensitive” is attached to these cases, you would think that the case surface will react to any surface, isn’t it? Well, no, it won’t!

You see, when we use any sensor, it only reacts to a certain type of radiation. Moreover, the internal building of these sensors is made from different chemicals. 

The same chemical is used in the manufacturing of the thermal PU leather. Hence, it will also react to a certain kind of heat radiation.

So, if you take your cover case and hold it above the candle, you won’t be able to draw a single reaction.

On the other hand, if you are pressing your fingers against the cover case’s surface, reddish to yellowish imprint will be formed.

Are The Thermal Cases Available In Solid Shades Or In Printed Patterns?

Are The Thermal Cases Available In Solid Shades Or In Printed Patterns

Since you need the cover case to complement your phone, it is very important to know beforehand whether these cases are available in different colors and patterns or not.

Truth be told, if you want genuine heat-sensitive cases for your iPhone, most of them will have a simple solid color shade. Yes, there are certain covers having prints, but they aren’t that reliable. 


Heat sensitive mobile cases are gradually becoming more and more popular.

It’s a wonderful technology that people are maneuvering into. If you think that you have to spend a few more bucks for this kind of cover, we believe it’s worth the expenditure. 

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