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What is the In Ground Trampoline?

In a sentence – a regular trampoline buried in the ground. The In Ground Trampoline is pretty awesome, trampolines in general are pretty cool right? But with all this awesomeness sometimes comes not so great injuries. This is where the In Ground Trampoline comes in, because it is buried in a hole in your back yard, when you jump the distance from the ground is smaller, so if you happen to miss your mark and fall off, the chances of serious injury is very low. But please keep in mind that this trampoline won’t prevent injuries completely, you still can jump pretty high and need to be careful.

Made by the Aussie company Trampolines Down Under, they created this epic idea so you could jump to the skies at your garden on your new cool toy, the process is similar to how In Ground Pools are installed. The trampoline can still stretch down and give you that bounce you love so much but without the added four feet or so of height you have from traditional trampolines.

In Ground Trampoline 1

Technical stuff about the In Ground Trampoline

So this epic trampoline has a 14-foot jumping mat that is re-enforced to the frame by no less than 104 springs on the edges, this will promise you a bounce just like any regular trampoline. It also comes with an eight piece thick wall frame that ensures better stability when you jump on it. I know what you’re thinking, metal inside the ground is a bad idea, but let me stop you right there, all the metal parts are galvanized and powder coated to make sure it’s rust resistance. More features include: vented safety pad with non-heating mesh surface, really strong jumping mat, it will support a weight of up to 425 pounds and it has a wall system that will prevent the dirt to collapse into the hole.


Final note here guys, you should be aware that this product is sold as a kit and you will have to install it by yourself, the trampoline itself can be assembled in 45 minutes but you still need to dig the hole and set it inside. so if you want this, take notice.

In Ground Trampoline 4-1

Here’s a cool time lapse video showing how the product is being assembled:

The price comes at $1,659 and we think it’s a steal for this cool In-Ground Trampoline 

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