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These amazing looking pizza towels cost $50 and you can get them from Pizza Towels. Their 1.5 meter circular size and they are just perfect for the beach or on the side of the pool. The best part is that they look just like a giant pizza pie. It’s mind bending that we always use a square or a slim long beach towel right? I mean a circle beach towel makes more sense. Who ever thought of this idea to create a pizza beach towel is a genius!

The Pizza Towels you need for the summer

The kicker is these beach towels actually come in real pizza box, how cool is that? You can choose from cheese pizza towel, vegetarian pizza towel or pepperoni. What ever you like, If you’re the kind of person who likes to bake in the sun, than these towels are for you. Next time when you’re going to the beach, make sure you have this awesome beach blanket with you.

The pizza beach towel looks great on grass and on the beach sand

pizza towels 1

You can choose from pepperoni, vegetarian or cheese pizza beach blankets


This is the pepperoni and mushrooms pizza sample


For only $50 you could bake in the sun with style


The cool thing is that the pool towels come in an actual pizza box


Hey, you can keep the towel, give me the girl LOL

pizza towels 6-1

Price: $50

Get It Here

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