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This Lionel Richie cutting board product is a long time favorite of ours here on Awesome Things. For people who love to cook and cut their veggies on a top quality cutting board, this will be a perfect gift for a birthday or a homecoming present.

The Lionel Richie board is made from high quality wood Butcher, which is a very popular choice for cutting boards and even counter tops in many kitchens. We love the engraving these boards have, one of them has the famous singer line ” Hello, is it me you’re cooking for? ” both with the same line with with a different picture of Lionel.

When writing this piece we instantly remembered that we once wrote about a similar product called the Breaking Bad cutting board which features Walter White as the character, so this is pretty much the same thing only this time with Lionel.

Here’s the first variation of the Lionel Richie Cutting Board.

lionel richie cutting board - hello, is it me you're cooking for?

The second features a different font and Lineol laying down casually

lionel richie cutting board - laying down

There are obviously more versions of this items circling around the internet, but these were the ones we found to be the most awesome. We will try and update this article once we have more items to show.

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