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Deadpool is a superhero comic character in the Marvel universe that finally got it’s own movie release late of last year. The main actor who plays Deadpool is Ryan Reynolds and he pushed to make this movie a reality for a few years with no success until it finally happened but with a condition that the movie will be made with a ridiculously low budget in comparison to other action comic book movies. The budget was set at only $58 Million dollars and Reynolds and the rest of the producers took a huge risk making this movie. But as we know now, the movie was a huge success both in the box office and reviews, grossing  $760 million dollars. Part of the success of the movie is the cool suit deadpool wears in the movie and especially the Deadpool mask which looks amazing!

What is deadpool mask


The deadpool mask is the most important item in the deadpool outfit. You would be surprised how much work has gone into making the mask as expressive as possible for Ryan Reynolds to be able to see through it and still talk. Like us, you might wondered why not just put a sock mask on his head, well this video below will show you just how much engineering and work was put into it. The result is obviously amazing like we saw in the movie, so it’s well worth it.

How the deadpool mask was made

In the video below you can see how the deadpool mask was made, from sculptures, to 3D modeling, to sewing and carving, a lot of work was put into the design and creation of the mask because you wanted to get a good look that’s both badass and both expressive, see the short video to learn more about the process:

Where can you get the deadpool mask

There are a lot of websites that you can get your very own deadpool mask, from knitted designs to leather to full on movie quality mask. Check out the designs below:

deadpool-mask-leatherThis is a PU soft resin mask that’s perfect for Halloween. It looks pretty much like the movie mask but obviously with less quality, but for a young kid who just want to go as Deadpool trick or treating, this can be a great choice.

Price: $65

Get It Here


Crochet beanie mask that’s made out of acrylic yarn handmade, it’s perfect for an easy going deadpool costume for your kids, it has big holes in the eyes so you can see better and the acrylic yarn feels nice on your skin and doesn’t sweat as much.

Price: $26

Get It Here
Here is the last mask we recommend That’s
super cool

deadpool-mask-6Deadpool party hood mask you can just easily pull off or on during your party. The mask is made out of lycra elastic material meaning it will fit almost any size. Suitable for Halloween or any other party you want to impress with your comic hero cosplay.

Price: $10.49

Get It Here



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