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I can see how this wine bottle glass would be convenient. It should be every wino’s best friend, but I’m a fan of drinking wine the old fashioned way – right out of the bottle. No middle man needed thank you very much. wine-bottle-glass-guzzle-buddy-7-1  wine-bottle-glass-guzzle-buddy-3-1 wine-bottle-glass-guzzle-buddy-2-1

I guess if you’re worried what anyone would think of you, drinking straight out of the bottle, the Guzzle Buddy may save you some judgment and might not be for you. But if you like gulping down and don’t care how it looks, you need to try this cool wine bottle glass.


An advantage to using the Guzzle Buddy instead of drinking straight out of the bottle is that there’s no spillage. You can be a classy lady and get your buzz on at the same time.

Every year there are so many new toys and gadgets that seem perfect as holiday gifts. I’m adding the Guzzle Buddy to my list of gifts to give. I’m going to need to buy a few because I know a lot of winos.

wine bottle glass - guzzle buddy 5-1

Take a look at the photos and let us know what you think in the comments.


wine bottle glass 4-1

Pros of the wine bottle glass – Guzzle Buddy:

  • This wine bottle glass called the Guzzle Buddy connects straight to the bottle helping you to get your buzz on the right way.
  • Very elegant looking and you won’t look like a drunk while drinking from it.
  • The wide glass keeps you from spilling the wine all over your.


  • You still hold the bottle while drinking so it’s heavier than a glass.
  • You still run the risk of looking a little bit like a wino because let’s face it, it’s drinking straight from the bottle.
  • You drink a lot more this way, getting drunk way too easy. So if you’re not into that. drink from a regular glass.
Get The Guzzle Buddy Here

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