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This Game of Thrones cutting board is the ultimate present for a fan of the show and we are proud to feature it on our site. For your friend who also loves to cook but is a total TV geek, this will be the perfect present to surprise him with.

The Game of Thrones board is made from high quality Beech wood, which is a very good choice for cutting boards in general if you don’t already know this. We simply think the engraving on this board is superb with extreme accuracy and style. You can see the show famous wolf logo and it also says ” Dinner is Coming ” which is a great joke on the famous GOT line ” Winter is Coming ”

If you love these kind of gifts, make sure to also check out our post about the Breaking Bad cutting board which features Walter White and his famous catch phrase, this board is the same idea as this one, only instead of the Game of Thrones wolf, it features Walter.

Here’s the first picture of the Game of Thrones cutting board

game of thrones cutting board - dinner is coming

And here’s the show actual logo just so you will see how good they made it on the board

Game of thrones cutting board - actual logo

We saw many other versions of this product around the web, but we chose this one because of the quality and accuracy of the work. We will update this post if we find better versions over time.
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