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Info on the Screaming sun alarm clock below

Screaming sun alarm clock
Screaming sun alarm clock
Screaming sun alarm clock
Screaming sun alarm clock

Do you wake up on your own every morning, or do you need to be insulted first? If it’s the latter, you could probably do with a tool that can help you wake up without your housemates’ hurtful words.

Enter the Rick And Morty Screaming Sun alarm clock. Yes, it screams. 

Honestly, there’s no need to be ashamed of the fact that you need more than chirps of birds and the golden sunlight seeping in through the curtains to wake you up. ThinkGeek innovated this alarm clock for people like you. That pretty much goes to show that you’re not the only late riser out there.

Rick and Morty Screaming Sun Alarm Clock – A Novelty Item for the Lateriser

The Rick and Morty screaming clock, produced by ThinkGeek, is a licensed Rick and Morty merchandise and is perfect for anyone who loves the show. But it isn’t just for cartoon-heads.

If you need extra motivation every morning to fight off the impulse to hit the snooze button, this clock is for keeps! It can scream it’s lungs out for 48 hours! 

Set the alarm’s time, and it will go off at the right time when a tiny sun will rise from behind the hills – and start screaming. It will continue to wail for 48 hours if you don’t turn it off.

There’s no way you can slip back into the arms of sleep after the maddening sound.

A Scene from Rick and Morty’s Universe

If you’re a fan of Rick and Morty, you will recognize that hilly diorama at the top of the digital clock as a scene from The Wedding Squanchers episode from the show, with the same irritating sun.

Even the ungodly sound of the screaming sun is from the same episode. 

Rick and Morty is a show known for creating some well-known merchandise. For its brigades of fans, there’s no dispute that the screaming clock is one of the most precious.

But honestly, you don’t need to be a fan of the show to own this clock. You just need to be a habitual late riser. 

A Closer Look at the Screaming Sun Alarm Clock  

This is not one of your regular gag gifts to make you laugh before you throw it away. Nor is it some merchandise that just sits amidst other similar items.

It’s quite a useful – albeit exasperating – product to keep in the house. It’s the perfect digital watch to help you wake up for the day. 

The product is made from high-quality plastic and runs on AAA batteries. The package of the clock does not include the cells, of course. It does have a wall adapter, though.

It is equipped with a volume knob to set the volume between 80 and 90 decibels. You can also turn the volume if you wake up in the first hour of the alarm going off. 

Understand one thing. This is no ordinary alarm clock. It is born to make sure that you get off the bed. So whether you pulled an all-nighter or have a hangover, this clock will not care.

It will push you out of bed and force all sleepy thoughts out of your head or continue to scream for 42 hours straight. 

Basically, bringing this clock home means you will have years of wailing in the morning. At $59.99, this is a sturdy and practical product.

It’s irritating, but it’s also effective and intelligently designed, one that you will want to nominate for The Ig Nobel Prize on good days when it will save you from getting late at an important event.

But on bad days, you might want to throw it out of the window. 


For any fan of Rick and Morty, or a collector of cartoon merchandise, this novelty item can be a prized possession.

Even if we ignore the clock’s brand value, it is still a fun alarm clock to sit on your nightstand and wake you up in a way that can rightly be described as “novel”.  

With this fun alarm clock, you won’t have to worry about sleeping till 10 am and making some sad excuse at work or school.

The annoying wail of the screaming clock will wake you and annoy the entire family, thus avenging all those mornings when they screamed at you.    

It can also be a great gift for someone who loves the show, some other deep sleeper in your life whom you’re tired of coaxing out of bed, or a tardy owl as a not-so-subtle way to tell him to be more punctual in his daily life.

Warning – the giftee might give you the stink eye for a while after that. This clock is undoubtedly one of the best among ThinkGeek’s innovative toys for geeky adults.

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