The Smartbean Bluetooth Receiver By Antec Will Advance Your Headphones

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Have you always wanted to transform your headphones into a bluetooth headphones? Well now you can with the Smartbean bluetooth receiver by Antec Mobile. With a simple touch of a button this tiny device will connect your headphones via 3.5mm audio jack, it is truly a seamless interaction and the smartbean bluetooth receiver is small and unobtrusive.

What else the Smartbean Bluetooth Receiver can do?

By the way, this thing will actually work with anything else that have an audio jack like your home stereo system or even your new car. The smart Bean Bluetooth Receiver comes with convenient and sleek buttons for play/pause, changing tracks and adjusting the volume level. It also has a built-in omni-directional microphone so you can make clear calls. The smart bean bluetooth receiver comes with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery that can hold you up to six hours. Improve your life and take your headphones to the next level with this Smart Bean Bluetooth Receiver.

Get It Here for $25.76

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