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There are so many iPhone cases in the market today like ones with smooth colors, or ones that look like bubble wrap case so finding the one that is a perfect fit for your personality and character is pretty hard. Finding really cute iPhone 6 cases takes time and patience because you need to browse thousands of different styles and materials so it’s time consuming. The list below may help you shorten that search because we featured 5 cute iPhone 6 cases that every girl or beautiful boy will love.

1: Caselo Genuine Rex Rabbit Fur iPhone 6 Case

During the winter cold days, anyone with a regular plastic iPhone 6 case knows all too well that it stings the fingers when you pick it up from the cold, not to mention holding it with your bare hand when you talk during a cold breeze. So this adorable rabbit fur case is our first choice on the cute iPhone 6 cases list  because it works great for two things: First it keeps your hands warm while you talk and hold it. Second, it is just a magnet of compliments and small talk. Is there any reason not to get this case? NOPE.

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2: Totoro iPhone 6 Case

OK so this cool iPhone case is perfect for anime fans and just people who like cute things in general. This case is based on the titular character from Hayao Miyazaki’s classic movie My Neighbor Totoro. Japanese anime fans gather and wait in line to get this case, or just order it online or something, it’s pretty simple actually. Bottom line, it’s cute AF

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3: Hundromi Rhinestone Crown iPhone 6 Case

If you want some more bling in your life and on your phone, this Hundromi iPhone case is a perfect fit for that. Most of the company cases are covered with bling but we chose this crown case as our favorite. You can browse more cases below if you want. Any women or fabulous man who wants to be a princess for a day or two should get this cute iPhone case.

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4: LliVEER Panda Silicone iPhone 6 Case

Who doesnt like a cute panda right? The guys at Lliveer has created this cute iPhone 6 case that looks like an adorable panda bear. You can get it in many colors or more realistic panda colors. For those looking for a unique but cheap iPhone case, this is a great choice. The cute little belly button makes this case extra cute, so don’t think too hard and get it right now.

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5: LifeProof Fre iPhone 6 Case

For people who don’t know this brand, LifeProof is maybe the biggest brand in the iPhone case niche. The only thing that is bad with these cute iPhone cases is the high price tag. But if protecting your iPhone is important for you, this could be a good choice. These cases are actually pretty strong and can protect your iPhone from snow and hard impacts. The iPhone 6 cute cases comes in different colors like pink and more.

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Hope we helped you find the Cute iPhone Case you were looking for.

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