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Star Wars mania is not losing it’s intensity and we are here to respect your geeky interests. This time we present you this awesome Millennium Falcon rug which will instantly make clear to anyone who walks into your room whom he is dealing with. So, it’s a big flat Millennium Falcon landed right into your room.It’s basically every Star Wars fan dream come true right?

The photos speak for themselves and there is not much to add about this cool Falcon rug. The rug is officially licensed Star Wars rug and “Instantly makes any room 1138% more awesome” if is to believe the product description. It’s made of a polyester pile (durable and easy to clean) and comes in two sizes – Regular Size (79″ x 59″) and Smaller Size (52″ x 39″). You will have to pay about $100 to treat yourself with this piece of coolness. But we think it’s a small price to pay for this amazing piece of furniture.

Sure, everyone has his own taste, but it will be extremely hard to stay friends with someone who thinks this Millennium Falcon rug is not sick! And would be amazing in every room.

Millennium Falcon Rug 1

It’s big enough to look cool and be practical in your living room, but not big enough to look ridiculous, it’s also made of polyester pile so it makes it super easy to clean, yes, even those pesky wookiee fur.


The good news? It’s freakin the Millennium Falcon, and it’s now a rug and you can own it. do we really need anything else? NOPE


The bad news? Nothing, it’s the freakin Millennium Falcon! Only problem is that it can’t really fly, that will be too real right?! Ohhh the dreams.


Take a closer look at it, isn’t it glorious?

Millennium Falcon Rug 5-1

So, if you can’t get a real Millennium Falcon, get a Millennium Falcon rug!

Click the button below to get it now. Price: $95.17

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