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Designer Haikun Deng designed a toilet seat scale aimed for women who are always checking their weight, her thought process was that every time they will sit on this toilet seat scale and go number two, when they finish they will feel a little bit better because of the decrease in weight everyone has after dropping a load.

toilet seat scale 1

Here’s the toilet seat scale design

It’s like the old saying, you’re a few pounds lighter after visiting the loo. It’s science. Sure there are a few problems with this toilet scale. First, it is said that you must be weighted when you stand up or completely suspended otherwise you will not get an accurate reading. Second, do we really think it’s a good idea to push people’s self doubt to a place where they need to check their own weight while seating on the toilet? I don’t know.

toilet seat scale 2-1

Either way, the product itself looks cool and can really work, just to note, this is not an actual thing you can buy, i mean i’m sure there are other toilet seat scales out there, but this design is just a concept. So don’t look it up. You can see related products on the sidebar and at the end of this post, but know these are regular toilet seats.

Here’s a video about this seat scale: 

Source: yankodesign

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