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This is a review article about the unicorn sconce wall light

The unicorn sconce wall light is a very unique gift to give your child for his room. If he or she is big on unicorns, this might be the perfect gift!

Do you ever feel like flushing out all the negativity around you? Well, the best and easiest place to start doing that is your bedroom. If you share these feelings, you’d want to have something enlightening on your walls.

You want something that allows a ray of hopefulness into your room instead of that bloody Joker face. How about the head of a majestic beast like a unicorn. 

Yes, the one we watched in fairy tales in our childhood. A dazzling white unicorn with a long, ice-cream cone-like horn with spiralling rainbow lights. It’s always hard to find such a unique prospect, but here we have got one from ThinkGeek.

Here you are getting a unicorn head-shaped wall mount sconce light. You can put in any room and that rainbow-white combination blends effortlessly with the decor. 

Unicorn Sconce Wall Light

How does the Unicorn Sconce light look?

Unicorn Sconce wall light has a unicorn head with rainbow-colored wavy hair, emulating that of the majestic animal from the times of antiquity.

It looks charming in the day on light-colored walls and will take over your night lights when it’s storytelling time.

But it’s not just for the fairies out there. It offers good lighting set for wicked photoshoots, and you can enjoy your pyjama parties more in the colorful atmosphere.

The sconce wall light is ideal for filling in significant negative spaces in your room. You can set it above your bedpost, where people don’t want to keep other decor items.

Unicorn Sconce Wall Light

Unicorn Sconce Wall Light Size:

It is 15” in height and 8” depth to ensures it will look good in medium to large rooms.

It doesn’t look too dominating either with its 5” width. It’s just a rare blend of grandeur and trendiness.

You’d usually associate elegance and grandeur with understated colors, but the rainbow on its horns and hair just breaks the myths. It’s a useful gifting proposition too.

How is the build quality?

Usually, we have found that the most exciting wall mount design combines with some of the most inferior quality builds.

ThinkGeek isn’t too different from those companies but has used a respectable build of fine Polyresin material.

The wall mount’s build quality is good enough that it doesn’t look cheap from a distance. Of course, you’d have to say no to your kids hitting the horn-like anything. Treat them like a living being, and it will last for years.

How does the Unicorn Sconce light up?

Unicorn Sconce Wall Light

An issue with buying wall mount products is the accessories you need to buy with them. You need to buy wires, wire holders, and whatnot for electric decor items that use cables.

Then your little one has the knack of unplugging it and playing with it. This wall light counters these issues by powering itself with LR44 Button cell batteries.

The light works wirelessly at just the click of a button.

A finger is all you need to turn the magic on. To amuse your kids, you can secretly turn it on at crucial junctures of stories.

You won’t need to buy these cells either, They are included in the package.

While you’re struggling to buy Christmas gifts, don’t forget the unique ones. And it’s safe to say it’s challenging to find an item as unique as this one. Since it goes out of stock now and then, it would be a good idea to stock it up.

How do you hang it up?

Unicorn Sconce Wall Light

The wall mount is easy to hang on any wall through just a simple nail. The keyhole-shaped slot ensures it won’t slip off the wall even when your toddler pulls it a little.

The keyhole is made up of good quality metal that won’t break and slip off easily.

The hole is small enough to ensure your wall mount won’t pull the nail down over time. Having a secure keyhole is essential because wall mount decors can weaken the nails and wall if they are loose.

The horn is also removable in case you want to use it without it. It makes it easier to store and package. You can even change the lights inside the horns when they break after years.

All in all, it makes for a valuable package at $39.99. It’s not just the unique, dazzling unicorn design but the overall quality of the product. 

The price might seem a bit high for some, but then you need to spend a few extra to bring your tales to real life for your kids.

The battery-powered decor is easy to hang and comes with batteries included with the package. 

The height is enough for most rooms, and all you’d need is to decide the location you want to put it in.

Summing Up

With this Unicorn Sconce Wall Light multiple attractions and impressive look, it is undoubtedly a steal at the given price. Fulfil your little girl’s fantasies of having a unicorn-like structure at home.

Your hansel and Gretel stories would sound all the more intriguing when you turn off the lights and speak around the rainbow unicorn lights.

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