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This Batman duct tape not only cool by itself, it even glows in the dark! WHAT?! YES! Glowing in the dark. That’s how cool it is, let’s face it, anyone needs a duct tape around the house, there’s always something to tape together, so this makes perfect sense for me.

The Batman tape is not only a cool trend, it’s really high quality duct tape that will hold whatever it is you need together. We especially love the fact that they chose to go with many small Batman logos instead of one big one, because than it would have been just a black tape with the logo every now and then. This way it shows all the time.

This little genius piece reminds us of another item we wrote about a while back, the glow in the dark stars you can stick to your ceiling and sleep under the stars. It’s in the same group as this tape, only it’s in the shape of little stars, so it’s cool.

This is how the Batman duct tape looks like when still in the wrapping

batman duct tape - main image

When it’s stretched, it looks like this, you can notice the yellow and black colors

batman duct tape - color

You can use it to decorate your wallet and turn it into a collectors item

batman duct tape

Who wouldn’t want to walk around with something like this

batman duct tape - wallet

You can also use it to wrap your belt and turn that into a Batman utility belt

batman duct tape - belt

There are many other uses you can make with this tape, but we just showed you a few of them.

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