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Tell the truth, did you ever used those dangling strings around the neck of your hoodies? Probably not right? Do you even know why there are there? Their purpose is to tighten the hood’s fit as necessary but no one ever used them and usually they just slowly wear down. But someone finally thought of a great product that put these things to good use. The Hoodies with Headphones is just like any other hoodie, only difference is that the normal strings are now replaced with a pair of earbuds you can just plug in your phone and listen to music while on the go. Simple as that. Now to help you choose the best brand for you, below we have the 4 best hoodies with headphones brands available:

1: Huddie Buddie hoodies with headphones

hoodiebuddies - Hoodies With Headphones 1

The HoodieBuddie brand came to life in order to give us the ability to listen to music without having to carry our headphones around with us everywhere we go, the built in headphones inside this hoodie will give you exactly what you need in both comfort and style, and the best part is that you can also wash it and never worry, because they are machine washable and works every time.Now this is a product i can get behind, as a mom who usually just carry one of my diaper backpacks for mom items, this is breathing new air to fashion desire!

Price: $25 – $45

Get It Here

2: Old Navy Techno Hoodies ( with built in headphones )

Hoodies With Headphones 1

Old navy Techno Hoodies are a great choice for the music freaks looking for fashionable hoodies with built in washable headphones. With a range of cool colors and the ability to always be plugged in, they got you covered.

Price: $15

Get It Here

3: ScotteVest Revolution Plus

Hoodies With Headphones 1

The scottevest has been around from the year 2000, so it’s one of the old dogs in the hoodies with earbuds niche, and while it might be old, no other clothing product lets you carry so many things at once as this thing. The original scottevest design had ” only ” 15 pockets, and we say only because now they have designs ranging from 1 to 52 pockets, beat that!

Price: $250

Get It Here

4: Juniors Colorfast Hoodie with Built-In Earbuds

Hoodies With Headphones 1

Take your music everywhere with this product by Juniors Colorfast. It’s made from a cotton blend and lined with fleece, it will easily connect to your iPhone and play your favorite tune, it’s a perfect choice for a rainy day when you want to go for a run or just walk in the cool weather with your music. Don’t hesitate and check it out now.

Price: Unknown

Get It Here

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