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Do you ever watch a product you never knew you wanted but instantly feel the craving to buy it right now? Think of an idea that was always revolving around the world but just never materializing.

Well, this hot dog shaped dog bed is just that. The sight of a labrador sleeping in between the buns of this fluffy bed is just as cute as hilarious. We can’t wait to bring our love for franks to the home.

But then the thought crossed our mind. The thought that occurs to everybody when buying such a product. Is the bed even practical? The issue with the most unique and creative accessories and products is that they don’t offer the real deal.

And what about the washability? Will your old german shepherd fit straight into it? And of course, the thing we all want to know does it contain our favorite mustard sauce? Whatever your question be, we have the answers.

Is the Hot Dog shaped dog Bed comfortable?

Will your chihuahua enjoy a good night’s sleep resting its buns between the buns? Or is it just a useless showpiece that you can’t even eat? Well, New Chic has ensured they are offering more than just a unique design.

Specifications of the hot dog shaped dog bed

The bed is made up of Polypropylene(PP) material that will cushion your dog’s body and take its shape. Its ultra-soft fabric ensures it won’t cause any irritation even when your dog sleeps like a Snorlax from Pokemon.

The outer fabric doesn’t give away lint that might get stuck on your dog’s skin from its previous bed. If you have a massive dog that moves during sleep, this hot dog bun won’t move with him.

Its bottom has anti-skid particles that resist any movement from your dog. It also ensures your dog sleeps on the tile floors comfortably in your room. 

Hot dog bed size

The bed is available in two size variants, and understandably the bigger one is more expensive. It’s important to note that even the bigger size won’t accommodate a fully grown German shepherd.

It’s only good enough for medium-sized dogs. You can check the dimensions and match it with your dog to ensure it would fit your canine.

The little pups, kittens, and smaller breeds, though, will have the best of sleeping times among the comforts of the fluffy lettuce(or whatever the green fur signifies.

The bed also has padding on both sides, which ensures optimum comfort. I am always lost on gifting ideas, but this one just the best I can think of for a friend with a pet.

Is it washable?

Yes, you can wash the whole bed, but you won’t need to do it now and then. Just a little dusting would do unless your dog comes in dirty from the garden and straightaway goes to sleep.

The cushion, though, is removable and extremely convenient to wash. You should remove the removable cushion regularly to remove any pet hair and lice.

Once you have washed and dried the cushion, you can zip it back in the bed. Yes, you heard it right. The cushion has a zipper, which ensures it would stay in place when your dog sleeps.

You can also take our pillow if your dog has grown and needs more space.

The fabric of the bed is dust-resistant, making it an excellent product for the lazy ones and the procrastinators. It would resist most of the dust in your room, just like your bed does.

Is the design viable?

hot dog shaped dog bed

The hot dog bed’s design is not only creative but also practical. It’s unique enclosed design ensures your dog won’t need more than one blanket even in the chilliest nights.

And we all know how much dogs love warm beds, comfortable cushions, and heaps of cuddles.

It has furry green fabric on the inside and a bun-colored cover on the outside that says ‘Hot Dog.’ Of course, that is for the guests that don’t get obvious.

The yellow-green color combination blends into most interior spaces. It’s a funky yet light color combination that won’t look odd in your room at all.

In case your dog wants an ample space and choose to take the cushion out, you can also use it as a spare one for yourself. You might like the soft fabric so much that you start using it regularly. Indeed, that is quite a deal we’re getting.

Summing Up

The Hot Dog Shaped Bed from New Chic is undoubtedly here to grab a lot of eyes. But it’s not about the looks of the evergreen delicacy. It’s a practical design that is quite comfortable and serves its purpose brilliantly.

The removable zippered cushion just adds to its many useful features. It’s funky, comfortable, and warm, just like your pet, and it’s high time you bring him this bed as a partner.

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